Tips for healthy winter hair

Tips for healthy winter hair

Help your hair through the cold winter by giving it more regular conditioning treatments.

Constant changes from between warm indoors and cold outdoors during the winter months can play havoc with people’s beauty regime, affecting hair as much as skin.

This makes conditioning treatments for hair and scalp all the more necessary, according to celebrity hairdresser Mark Hill.

“Make sure you moisturise your hair and scalp by using conditioner every time you shampoo,” he explained.

This is hassle-free enough usually, but when you know you’re having a bad hair day, Mark has a few tips to get the most out of your locks.

“If you find your hair really needs a boost, pop a conditioning treatment on and lay back in the bath for about 20 minutes,” he explained. “The steam from the bath will help open up the hair’s cuticles and allow a deeper penetration of treatment.”

Remember it’s also important to protect your skin from the colder weather and wind. Using a slightly creamy cleanser and a heavier moisturiser should help to avoid chapped and flaky skin during the winter months.

Posted by Suzanne Chambers

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