Top 5 uses for old clothes

Top 5 uses for old clothes

Almost three-quarters of us have binned clothes in the past year, according to a new survey from Marks & Spencer, as the trend for fashion continues to grow.

I’ll admit I’ve often regretted buying certain items of clothing but rather than throwing it in the bin I’ll try to at least give it to a friend or a charity.

When the garment is damaged in some way or I really like the fabric I try and reuse it and give it a new use.

Here are my top five uses for old clothes:

1. Cushion covers

If you’ve got an old t-shirt them it’s basically just a cushion cover with sleeves, right?

Simply sewing together the edges and adding a zip down one side can transform tops into cushion covers.

The more creative of you out there could try sewing together some different scraps or cutting your fabric into unusual shapes such as ovals or stars. These make great throw cushions or personal presents for friends and family.

2. Cleaning cloths

I’m always running out of dusters and cleaning cloths, so if you’ve got some cotton or something with a smooth surface then why not try turning it into a cleaning cloth?

This is super simple and all you need is a pair of scissors – no sewing involved!

3. Patchwork quilts

This idea isn’t for the faint hearted, but if you have a whole heap of unwanted clothes and plenty of time on your hands then you could have a beautiful patchwork quilt in the making.

But if you’re anywhere near as busy as I am you better start soon so it can be finished in time for Christmas!

4. Bunting

I panicked over Jubilee weekend as I couldn’t find any bunting in the shops for my street party. But after close inspection it turned out I had a pile of old work shirts in the cupboard, which I soon transformed into bunting with a pair of fabric scissors, ribbon and a staple gun. Simple!

5. Table mats

As I was doing the washing the other day I realised that one of my old floral skirts was the exact same shade as my dining room walls.

A few hours later I’d cut it into four rectangles and hemmed the edges and had four really pretty place mats.

Now all I need is to find some more thick material to make coasters from!

Posted by Margo Hunter

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