Top beauty tips for blushing brides to be

Top beauty tips for blushing brides to be

When it comes to your big day there are so many things to consider ahead of the main event.

The essentials such as venue, dress and guestlist are of course important but if you’re anything like me then making sure you look the part is just as pressing.
It pays to be prepared, so here are my top beauty tips if you’re organising a summer wedding.

1. Be prepared

If you have any skin problems or body hang ups that you’d love to get sorted in time then I’d recommend discussing them with professionals so that you can get hem fixed ahead of your special day.

Regular cleansing, toning and moisturising will all help keep skin looking healthy and blemish-free and exercise is a must if you’re looking to shift a couple of extra pounds.

2. Consider your makeup carefully

If you’re hiring a makeup artist then make sure you meet with them beforehand to discuss what you’re after, you don’t want to be surprised by their choices once they’re already on your face!

Once you know what products they’ll be using you might want to purchase a couple of them so that you can touch up throughout the day – trust me this is very useful.

3. Practice your hair style

Again when it comes to your hair, it makes sense to meet your hairdresser one or more times and try out different looks to suit your face shape as well as your outfit.

Don’t just take their word for it as you might regret it when looking back at your wedding photos.

4. Perfect that smile!

Finally, your wedding will likely have multiple cameras floating about as well as a video camera perhaps so it’s essential you practice a picture-perfect smile.

Is there an angle that you prefer? It might sound shallow but trust me, it’s worth it not to be embarrassed by your wedding snaps.

Posted by Elsa Pienaar

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