What brushes are best for our hair?

What brushes are best for our hair?

Hair brushes are one of those items which I am never without. I've always got one in my handbag and another couple in the house.

As I get older, I've started focusing more on my hair, as while my skin might be aging and getting a little saggier, I can still control my hair.

I've been dying it for around 20 years now so you can't see the greys and it's the one part of my monthly spending I don't scrimp on.

Basically, if the products work well then I'll buy them, even if they're a little pricier than I'd like.

So many of my friends stick to only one hairbrush, which I think is so wrong, especially when they all have such different purposes.

Speaking to MailOnline this week, Giles Robinson senior stylist at the John Frieda salon in Mayfair, made a great point and said "there's no point spending a fortune on styling products and hairdryers if you don't have a good brush".

My sentiments exactly!

There are different shapes and sizes of brush for a reason after all.

For detangling, you'll need a tangle teaser with soft, synthetic bristles, which won't tug too much at the hair and shouldn't cause much damage.

Meanwhile, for giving your hair a rough blow dry, a large paddle brush is best. Then you can try a round brush for styling and smoothing out afterwards.

Straight haired-ladies should own a large barrel brush, for a frizz-free finish, while small barrel brushes are great for creating volume at the roots, especially if you have short locks.

For curly hair that has been dried naturally or with a diffuser, a vent brush will still leave curls defined, meaning you won't get that weird fluffy look you find with bristle brushes.

How many hair brushes do you own? Are you due a change?

Posted by Margo Hunter

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