What does your swimwear say about you?

What does your swimwear say about you?

One of the biggest dilemmas when it comes to holiday packing is beachwear. Do I still try to get away with a bikini or is a 50s-style all-in-one costume a more flattering option?

The same goes for my husband, he wants to get an all-over tan but do people really want to see him in a pair of Speedos?

After watching the fine specimens take to the swimming pool and diving boards in the Olympics it’s really made me consider what looks best.


The benefits of the bikini are that you get a great tan and also get to flaunt your figure a little. I find just telling myself I’ll be wearing a bikini in a few months time makes me work harder to get in shape, although I don’t always enjoy looking at the pictures afterwards!


My husband feels the same way about Speedos. They seem to be the brief of choice for fit young swimmers and ageing Adonis’, both categories he doesn’t fall into – no offence! Once you get past 40 and if your love handles are a little looser Speedos can actually make you look older, no matter how tanned you are I might add!


I tend to wear swimming costumes in the local pool as I think it’s more appropriate, especially for lap swimming which I do. For the beach though I find them a little more restrictive, flattening my chest and not doing a lot for my figure or my holiday tan. Instead if I do wear them I tend to go for a retro halter neck style with a moulded bra for added support and shape.

Swimming shorts

Men can’t really cover up to the same extent when they go swimming, and man boobs or not you’ll probably have to have your chest on show unless you want to enter the water fully clothed. Trunks or longer shorts can be a lot more comfortable and less restrictive. They’re a lot more flattering in general, just so long as you don’t go too baggy, think less Mr Bean more surfer.

What are you wearing on the beach this summer?

Posted by Margo Hunter

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