What’s yours is mine

What’s yours is mine

While the majority of men scoff at our beauty regimes, constantly pointing out how long we spend getting spruced up and readily admonishing us for the range of products we use, I always had the sneaking suspicion that really it was only male pride stopping them joining us.

And now with the news that Jennifer Aniston's fiancé Justin Theroux uses her hair care products in the shower, my suspicions have, at least in part, been confirmed.

Apparently Jen's beau "has no choice" but to use her shampoos and conditioners.

"It's what's in the shower right now," she told People. "You know he's a guy, he just goes for what's in the shower. But yes, he's used it."
Now, while there might be some element of laziness involved here, I'm pretty sure Justin is a big enough boy to go out and buy his own shower gel if he really wanted. Unless Jen really does have him under the thumb!

However, I rather suspect that it's more of a mistake on her part in assuming that her partner is only using her beauty products because he has to, rather than because, secretly, he loves the smell and the feel of having silky smooth hair.

Having heard Jen's story, I also feel like I've got a very good explanation for why I've noticed, on occasion, that my bottles of shower product are running much lower than expected – my sneaky other half has been treating himself. No wonder that bottle of Head and Shoulders is seemingly never ending!

The lesson in all this is that next time your partner is giving you a hard time for spending money on the best brand name products, rather than plumping for the supermarket's own, or sitting there twiddling his thumbs while you're getting ready, take it with a pinch of salt.

That's because, deep down inside, he'd too like to be moisturising, conditioning and straightening, if only his ego wasn't getting in the way!

Has your man been using your beauty products?

Posted by Margo Hunter

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