What’s your holiday makeup must-have?

What's your holiday makeup must-have?

One of the things which always takes me ages to pack when it’s time for the summer holiday is makeup.

What will I need, do I want to take the best stuff and risk losing it or should I just bring a couple of pieces and rely on my sun-kissed glow to keep me looking my best?

I’m a daily makeup wearer, I’ll admit it, but even I like to go a bit au naturale while on the beach, soaking up a bit of that summer sun.

The one thing I rarely forget for the summer hols is waterproof mascara.

A new study from Debenhams shows its British women’s number one choice for holiday beauty and it completely makes sense.

While regular use all year long isn’t recommended for your lashes, a fortnight away wearing it will do them no harm.

In fact it could help give them some much-needed definition and volume, which is great for when you’re sitting in the shade without your sunglasses.

Also in my makeup bag this summer will be some BB cream, yes that’s right this season’s most talked about product.

It acts like a tinted moisturiser, helping even out my skin tone, offering light coverage for blemishes.

BB cream is a little different from my normal foundation as it helps nourish the skin with a host of vital vitamins and nutrients – so it’s no wonder makeup artists can’t stop raving about it!

You can use it as a base for foundation, or on top of suncream, it’s totally up to you really.

With a little translucent powder and my trusty eyebrow pencil I think that’s almost everything.

Not forgetting my SPF 15 lip balm – it’s super moisturising and helps me avoid the dreaded burnt lip look – not pretty!

What are your ultimate holiday makeup buys?

Posted by Mandy Jones

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