Why shouldn’t you sleep in your makeup?

Why shouldn't you sleep in your makeup?

Last week former X Factor finalist Stacey Solomon admitted that she often sleeps in a full face of makeup.

This is a definite no-no, even I know this, but it made me want to investigate just why it’s so bad for our skin.

Stacey admitted: “The first thing I do in the morning is take off my makeup from the day before. I’m so lazy – I never do it at night. It’s terrible.”

It truly is. Even if her skin manages to still stay looking smooth wearing makeup for such a long amount of time can do loads of damage.

Leaving mascara on overnight can dry out your lashes, meaning they’re more likely to thin and fall out.

Meanwhile sleeping in skin makeup can clog up your pores, creating a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria, resulting in break-outs and dry patches.

But Stacey believes that despite her lax approach to makeup removal, she drinks plenty of water, which is why her skin doesn’t actually look so bad.

Beauty expert at Escentual.com, Louise Reed, explains that while this is helpful in maintaining a healthy body and skin “simply drinking water will not help to clean your skin deep down from dirt such as makeup”.

“It’s really important to cleanse, tone and moisturise your face each evening to remove any makeup, grease and general dirt which clog the pores beneath the skin’s surface,” she added.

We’ve all been there when you’re in a fledgling relationship and you’re trying to time it right to show your face sans makeup, but the damage to your skin isn’t really worth it in my opinion.

For ladies who frequently forget to take off their makeup, then maybe permanent or semi-permanent options are sensible ideas?

This could be eyelash or brow tinting, which a lot of my fairer friends swear by, meaning they don’t have to wear makeup during the day half as much and the results are pretty natural as far as I can tell.

Are you a lazy makeup remover like Stacey? What tips do you have for smooth summer skin?

Posted by Mandy Jones

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