Will you be donning shapewear this Christmas?

Will you be donning shapewear this Christmas?

Ironically the festive period is when we eat and drink far more than usual, yet somehow were supposed to look fab in tiny cocktail dresses.

This paradox has long annoyed me and I find that I end up making compromises, such as opting for elasticated, looser clothing, or cutting back on my Christmas treats.

But at this time of year watching my waistline is the opposite of what I want to be doing.

Many of my friends rely on shapewear to skim over their bellies or smooth out their love handles, and while I see the benefits I’ve never been convinced.

They’re not helping the fat disappear anywhere they’re just spreading it out a bit so it’s less noticeable, not much of a solution if you ask me!

Also, while they might help me look good in the party photos they feel very uncomfortable under my clothes and cause me to be adjusting my underwear and fidgeting all night.

I’d far rather be dancing away or catching up with old friends than having to rush off to the loo every five minutes to make sure all the layers of my outfit are perfectly aligned.

Oh the stresses women go through at this time of the year!

After experimenting with shapewear last Christmas I think this year I’ll give it a miss.

Instead I’m planning to go on a walk before tea every day for at least two miles, helping to keep me active and reducing the chance of piling on the weight during the festive season.

This should help me feel a little fitter and prepare me for a marathon shopping trip when the sales hit later this week!

I’m not saying shapewear doesn’t have its plus points, I just don’t think it’s the right solution for me.

Will you be wearing shapewear this Christmas? What’s your opinion of it?

Posted by Mandy Jones

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