Women are ‘talking themselves fat’

Women are ‘talking themselves fat’

The New Year diet – that annual challenge most of us set ourselves and then subsequently forget about come April.

I know it all too well, and it rarely works.

One of the main reasons British women fail to lose weight, according to a new study, is that we are too negative about our bodies.

Apparently, research from MySpecialK shows that we could be setting ourselves up for failure by describing ourselves as ‘fat’, ‘heavy’ or ‘chubby’.

Reportedly, eight in ten women believe that a positive attitude is key to losing weight. However, half said that they used self-critical words when they started a diet.

Many women also lack self-belief, with only a third actually thinking that they will lose weight prior to a diet.

The two-thirds of women polled who had successfully lost weight in the past attributed it partly to maintaining a positive attitude.

This makes perfect sense to me, as when I’m down I’m less motivated and struggle to talk myself into heading to the gym, or talk myself out of buying junk food.

Commenting on the research, self help author and life coach Janet Thomson, who specialises in weight loss, told Mail Online that when women want to change something about themselves, such as their weight, they are naturally more likely to be negative about it.

“However, what they don’t realise is this sort of negativity can become a self-fulfilling prophecy so it is important to channel positive feelings about themselves and their goal when trying to lose weight as it gives them a much better chance of success,” she advised.

Positivity really can go a long way and I would recommend always focusing on your good aspects and how you can make them look and feel even better if you got fit.

How positive are you about your looks when on a diet?

Posted by Mandy Jones

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