Women ‘changing makeup look every 12 years’

Women 'changing makeup look every 12 years'

Celebrities seem to have a new look at least for every season, take stars such as Katy Perry and Rihanna; I swear their hair changes fortnightly!

But us normal folks are generally a lot slower to adapt our image, with a new study of UK women from My Voucher Codes revealing that the average respondent will only make changes to her signature look every 12 years.

I think I probably change my style a little more often than this, but I'm only in mid-30s and I imagine by the time I hit 'middle age' I'll have found something that works and stuck with it.

As well as maintaining a preference for certain makeup, women are also sticking with cosmetic products for 3.8 years if they like them.

The main reason to make an adjustment was in fact not usually because people changed their mind, but because a product was discontinued.

I must admit I hate finding a foundation which perfectly matches my skin, only for a year or two down the line to have to start from scratch again when I can't find it in the shops.

With so many brands and shades to choose from I detest having to rifle through the shelves to find something vaguely similar to my skin tone.

The study found that if given the choice most women are loathe to change their signature look.

In your 20s you're supposedly more likely to choose bright lipstick and fresh, but made-up, skin, while in your 30s nude lipstick, cat flick eyeliner and concealer are a girl's best friend.

A warmer nude lipstick and a little contouring makeup is a must for ladies in their 40s, while pearlised lipstick is favoured in your 50s.

I'm not sure how my makeup will change, but my boredom threshold is too low to keep up the same routine!

How often do you update your makeup?

Posted by Elsa Pienaar

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