Women ‘more likely to ogle other women’

Women 'more likely to ogle other women'

I'm terrible for people watching. I can't really help it, I'm just very curious!

Whether I'm admiring the outfits of women in the street or checking out the impressive abs of a lady in the gym, it can't be avoided.

Despite what men might think, we tend to ogle the women around us far more, according to a poll by Swimwear 365.

The top things girls notice on other women are supposedly clothes, hair style, tan, size, cleavage, cellulite, hair colour, boob size, shoes and handbags.

Yes, these are all pretty superficial things, but it's definitely true that we all notice them.

I always find it interesting to check out women around me, especially if I'm looking to try out a new look or get on board with a trend going round.

Often magazines or TV can give you an unrealistic idea of what these look like and once you see something like leather-look mini dresses or harem pants on real women you know they're not for you!

Plus, it helps to see what works in everyday life and what's better left on the runway.

Platform trainers might look super cool when models wear them up and down the catwalk but in practice they make women look as if they're just tip-toeing around in their Nikes.

Not a good look in my book!

The same goes for makeup. I enjoy comparing my style to others, especially in the workplace where you're never quite sure how much is the right amount.

In the gym, I tend to have a sneaky peak at ladies exercising to see if they're doing the same workouts as me and if not, then asking myself whether it's worth trying out that scary exercise ball if it means I can achieve Cheryl Cole-style abs!

Do you look for fashion, beauty and body inspiration from the women around you?

Posted by Mandy Jones

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