Would you consider Botox?

Would you consider Botox?

I was reading an interview today with Holly Willoughby, the poster girl for natural beauty, and she admitted that she actually wouldn’t say no to cosmetic surgery.

She told Look: “Never say never. One day, I imagine. I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t.”

Well at least she’s being honest I guess! Holly’s only 31 so she’s a bit younger than me, and pretty youthful to be consider anti-ageing treatments I’d say.

She is in the public eye and I think if that were me I might give it more thought, but the jury’s out on whether I could actually go through with it.

From the women on TV that I’ve seen with Botox it can often look rather extreme, reducing movement and creating a very generic Hollywood-style look.

But these are only the ladies that I’ve noticed it on, so chances are there are plenty of people out there with wrinkle-free faces and the ability to smile and move their eyebrows!

I’m only 34 so for now I think I’ll try the natural ways to look younger.

That means trying to eat healthily, cutting back on my drinking, exercising when I can and consuming plenty of water.

Drinking green tea and using natural oils such as avocado oil, argan oil as well as olive oil are all thought to be more natural cures for slowing down the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

However, by far the best way to cut back on the worry lines in my opinion is to learn to relax.

I’ve started getting into yoga more and making more time for myself and my family, as I reassess my work-life balance.

I can honestly say that I feel a lot calmer and my skin looks brighter than usual, all because it’s not feeling the brunt of my over-hectic lifestyle.

So, for the minute, I think I’ll leave the Botox to the celebrities.

Are you swayed by Botox or cosmetic surgery?

Posted by Elsa Pienaar

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