Would you shun free plastic surgery?

Would you shun free plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery is something I've never really considered. I've known friends who have had liposuction and a few colleagues who have had their breasts enhanced but ultimately the negatives far outweigh the positives.

Aside from potentially scarring your body, having a serious operation and changing your natural look, the cost is something which definitely puts many people off going under the knife.

Even still, I was surprised to read this week that a survey shows that 44 per cent of women would happily opt for plastic surgery, even without the hefty price tag.

This is according to beauty retailer Fabriah.com, and while you might not consider this figure very high I'm still a little taken aback as to how accepted this practice is today.

Most of those who said yes to receiving the surgery confirmed that they would only consider it if they could be sure that the procedure would make them both more attractive and younger-looking.

This is something that's definitely not always the case, after all, how many celebrities have we read about with botched boob jobs or facial procedures that leave them looking rather bizarre, or simply not human-like.

I remember when lip fillers were all the rage and I'd toyed with the image of having plumper lips, but then of course looking at the complications which arose from Leslie Ash's procedure was enough to make me think twice.

Many celebrities seem to think that reaching 40 is their cue to suddenly start trying to hide the wrinkles and reinvent themselves, but I think the best way to do it is improve what you have and don't overdo it.

Take Jane Fonda for instance, she's not afraid to admit that she's had plastic surgery and at the age of 74 she really does look fantastic!

Meanwhile 67-year-old Dame Helen Mirren looks stunning completely surgery-free.

I guess it depends on the individual! What's your take on plastic surgery?

Posted by Mandy Jones

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