Last word with Russell Grant

Astrologer, Russell Grant, 58, has been a media personality for over four decades. He’s also written books on astrology, as well as being the UK’s ‘astrologer royal’. He lives with his partner, Doug

Celeb Last Word August 2009What is your earliest memory?

I think I was about four years old and I remember my brother and I lying on our beds, listening to the barges going up and down the Grand Union Canal at the back of our family’s flat in Middlesex. It was a very comforting sound – even hearing them now will take me back to those early days.

How would you spend your perfect day?

It would be such a treat to wake up late after a good night’s sleep. Because I did breakfast TV for ten years, I still wake up at 4am most mornings. I’d listen to the Today programme on Radio 4 all the way through, and have a bath. Then I’d hit the shops. I adore pottering around bookshops and food shops and I’d shop till I dropped! After a lovely dinner out, I’d come back and watch a film with my feet up and a cup of tea.

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