“My daughter is being bullied”

My daughter is in a vital year at school and is constantly bullied. The school tries to help with the situation but I sometimes feel that they do not do enough. I had to write three letters before they did anything – one to the headteacher, another to the school governors and one to the education welfare officer. Now I do not know what to do for the best. Moving schools isn’t really an option and my son went to the same school and nearly took his own life because of being bullied. Please help as my daughter has four more years of education and I do not want her to go through what my son did. Tina

Denise says:

You’re right to be worried because education is vital, and unhappy children don’t learn. You were right, too, to persist with letters but it sounds as though the school doesn’t have a good anti-bullying policy and is not solving the problem. Your next letter should be to the Director of Education for your area but, before you do that, I suggest you contact Kidscape (kidscape.org.uk, 08451 205 204). This charity operates an anti-bullying helpline for parents of bullied children and advisers are available Monday-Thursday, 10am to 4pm. They will have heard your story many times and will offer advice and support. In the meantime, if your daughter has friends at school, why not invite them for tea? The support of your peers is vital in the bullying situation. Sadly, most children hate bullying but don’t stick up for victims for fear of being targeted themselves. I wasn’t happy at school and one of my children was bullied, so I sympathise with you and your daughter.

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