Tried and Tested: Face Masks

Changing weather, drying environments and stress harass your skin on a daily basis. Give yours some TLC with one of these top masks – whatever your skin type…


Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliant 75ml, £35.50

The promise: A non-abrasive exfoliation treatment that thoroughly removes dulling surface debris, dramatically improving skin texture.

In practice: Unlike other exfoliating masks, this super smooth cream is easy to use without messiness. We liked that you only need to apply a thin layer to get excellent results and loved how it sank into skin, developing a claylike texture over 15 minutes, plus there was no stinging or discomfort. But it can take a bit of scrubbing to remove.

The result: Softer, smoother and visibly brighter skin. One tester called it ‘radiance in a tube’.


Superdrug Mud Therapy Deep Cleansing Mud Mask 75ml, £2.59

The promise: The natural mineral benefits of Dead Sea mud detoxify the skin, helping to promote a clearer complexion, leaving skin softer and rejuvenated.

In practice: The medium-thick mud was an ideal consistency and the squeezy tube was an efficient way of applying the mask without mess. In the ten minutes it took to set, testers felt no discomfort except a little tightness as it dried. We loved how it suits all skin types, but the mud took longer to rinse away than others.

The result: Visibly clearer skin, pores were reduced and skin felt smoother and much more hydrated than anticipated. This bargain mask out performed many premium brands we tried.


Lush Oatifix 75g, £5.75

The promise: A gentle, nourishing mask to lift dead skin cells away and leave the face looking brighter.

In practice:
Despite the rather unappealing thick, porridge-like appearance, testers loved how light this mask felt on their skin. Because it’s made with a combination of fresh vanilla, almonds and banana, it has to be refrigerated so it’s refreshingly cool on the skin. The thick, oaty consistency could be messy unless applied slowly and carefully, but overall testers were impressed that the mask stayed moist, so it is well suited to sensitive skin types. And it washes off surprisingly easily without any residue.

The result: Skin immediately felt moisturised and softer after use. Redness was reduced and skin tone looked more even.


Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden Deep Cleanse Facial in a Box, £16.34

The promise: A 30-minute step by-step pampering treatment to detox skin, refine pores and leave skin visibly clearer.

In practice: Comprising purifying wash (30ml), exfoliator (15ml), detox mask (15ml), blemish serum (5ml) and hydrating lotion (10ml), this box set provides everything you need for a professional spa facial at home. Each product is easy to apply without any specialist equipment and feels comfortable on the skin. The self-heating detox mask got top marks, with testers claiming they could feel it opening their pores, leaving skin feeling extra healthy. Five products may sound like a faff but the results make it well worth the effort.

The result: Congested skin feels and looks fresher, clearer, smoother and brighter without the salon price tag. Magic in a box.

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