Chocolate Box

Chocolate BoxThis box would also be perfect as a trinket box for your dressing table.

Make a present of chocolates extra special with a unique handmade gift box.

By Beckie Dreyer

Level: Intermediate
Duration: 1 to 2 hours

You Will Need

PMA 157209 Designer Die-cuts (18pcs) – Capsule – Spots & Stripes Jewels
PMA 157210 Mini Square Notelets – Capsule – Spots & Stripes Jewels
PMA 160213 12 x 12″ Paper Pack (32pk) – Capsule – Spots & Stripes Jewels
PMA 160216 A4 Paper Pack (24pk) – Capsule – Spots & Stripes Jewels
PMA 171205 20m Bakers Twine (3pcs) – Capsule – Spots & Stripes Jewels
PMA 354310 Assorted Buttons (250g) – Capsule – Spots & Stripes Jewels
PMA 367110 1m Ribbon (6pcs) – Capsule – Spots & Stripes Jewels
PMA 367208 Ribbon Bows (20pcs) – Capsule – Spots & Stripes Jewels
PMA 367503 Assorted Ribbon (20pcs) – Capsule – Spots & Stripes Jewels
PMA 368108 Big Bloomers (32pcs) – Capsule – Spots & Stripes Jewels
PMA 462203 Patterned Craft Tape (3pcs) – Capsule – Spots & Stripes Jewels
ANT 3721002 Gemstone Wheel – Gold & Silver
COU 34719005 Head/Eye Pins (135pcs) – Gold
PMA 367401 1m Lace Borders (4pcs) – Vintage Notes
STP 1104 Ink Pads Metallic Pigment (2pk) – Gold & Silver
XCU 257903 Decorative Border Punch – Leafy Lace

Step by Step

1. Cut a piece of card to measure 25 x 25cms, score around edges at 5cm

2. At the corner section cut one side into where the lines cross, fold sides up to create box and glue flaps to outside of box.

3. Cut four 15 x 4cm strips in stripe paper and dotty paper. Glue together to create double sided paper. Lightly mark at every 5cms and then cut on one side from the edge into the middle to create a slit. Slot the pieces together to make the inside of the box.

4. On a 6 x 6 piece of striped paper score at 1cm for the back edge of lid.

5. Score at 6cm on the non-decorative side of designer die-cut to create a flap. Glue to the edge of the striped paper making sure that both of the flaps end over the edges of the box. Cover the outsides of the box with pattern paper making sure that the back end of the lid is secured in place.

6. Tie some brown Capsule Spots & Strips Jewel assorted ribbon along the join and tie in a knot on the left side.

7. Slide a small square of dotty paper under the knot. Cut a gold Capsule Spots & Strips Jewel big bloomer in half and glue to box.

8. Tie a bow in the purple ribbon and attach to box, decorate with some bakers twine, lace trim, button and small bow. Attach three gold eye pins to the centre.

9. Glue a line of gold gems along the edge of the box and then add two 15 x 1cm pieces of purple striped paper either side.

10. Attach a large button on the middle of the flap.

11. Use an Xcut border die along the edge of two 15 x 2 cm pieces of card and attach to the sides of the box lid.

12. Finish by adding a Surprise outline sticker on the right side of the box lid.

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