Cotton reel “I love you” project

This cute altered art project using the cotton reel centre from the Madame Payraud Trims would be the perfect gift for someone special.

By Becky James
Level: Intermediate
Duration: 1 to 2 hours

BobbinYou Will Need

PMA 157222 3D Butterflies (10pcs) – Madame Payraud
PMA 354501 Buttons (9pcs) – Madame Payraud
PMA 358374 1m Pleated Fabric Trim – Madame Payraud – Mink
PMA 462208 Patterned Craft Tape (4pcs) – Madame Payraud
PMA 804102 Mini Alphabet Stickers (280pcs) – Madame Payraud
XCU 503194 A5 Die Set (14pcs) – Leaves
ANT 763100 3D Clear Gloss (12pcs) – Clipstrip (25ml)
DOA 763007 Speciality Medium (2oz) – Crackle Medium
DOA 763102 Acrylic Paint (2oz) – Metallic Titanium Gold
DOA 763201 Acrylic Paint (2oz) – Vanilla Bean
GLT 43201 Glitter Glue (120ml) – Iridescent
PMA 1641401 A5 Premium Cardstock Textured (75pcs) – Capsule
PMA 351606 3mm Adhesive Stones (206pcs) – Iridescent
PMA 5521101 Mini Ink Pads Dye Based (20pk) – Assorted Colours
XCU 261603 Small Palm Punch – Traditional Heart
XCU 268300 A4 Xpress Die-cutting Machine (2 plates, 1 shim)

Step by Step

1. Coat the cotton reel (removed from the centre of the Madame Payraud trim) with Artiste Metallic Titanium Gold acrylic paint, applying enough layers to achieve good coverage. Allow to dry thoroughly.

2. Paint a single coat of crackle glaze onto the reel over the gold paint. Make sure the brush strokes are made in only one direction. Allow to dry for approximately 2 hours.

3. Next apply a single layer of Vanilla Bean acrylic paint, brushing at right angles to the direction used for the crackle glaze. Allow to dry thoroughly. As it is drying the cracks will appear revealing the gold paint beneath.

4. Use Papermania stamp pad foam to blend black, brown and a touch of deep blue ink around the rims of the reel to age.

5. Wrap Madame Payraud script printed patterned craft tape around the stem of the bobbin. Place a strip of the duck egg blue patterned craft tape centrally, overlapping the script design.

6. To create the fabric flower, remove a length of pleated mink Madame Payraud trim and cut away one half of the trim, just below the stitching. This can be saved for use on another design. Using a quilling-style technique curl the fabric round on itself with the stitching at the base of the flower. Apply glue at the base as curling so that bud does not unravel. Pull back the top layers of the bud to open up the flower and brush ink pads across the frayed edges to distress. Glue an adhesive pearl to the centre of the flower and adhere on the bottom rim of the reel.

7. Die cut two of the smaller leaves from moss green textured card, blend ink around the edges and secure one behind the fabric flower. Keep the other leaf, to be used later on in the design.

8. Cover three cocktail sticks with different designs of Madame Payraud patterned craft tape. Glue them to the centre of the bobbin so that the tips are at different heights.

9. Attach inked Madame Payraud letters “I” and “U” to the tops of highest and lowest of the 3 cocktail sticks. Punch a small heart from red textured card and apply this to the middle cocktail stick. Position the second leaf between the back two cocktail sticks and the front one.

10. Cut two butterflies out from the backing sheet within the Madame Payraud 3D butterfly packet. Arrange one so that it is sat on the top of the reel and one is fluttering amongst the cocktail sticks. Use the photograph for guidance on placement.

11. Place a drop of liquid gloss into the centre of the copper flower Madame Payraud button and drop in a Papermania 3mm iridescent gem. Once this is dry tuck the flower between the butterfly.

12. Finish the design with rows of iridescent gems and tiny adhesive pearls around the bottom edge of the blue strip of patterned craft tape and a dusting of iridescent glitter glue on the paper elements.

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