Floral Glass Painted Card

glass painted card

Designer – Clare Curd

You will need:

card text

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 45 minutes

Step by Step:

1. Make a small tall card blank (8cm by 19.5cm) from Latte cardstock.
2. Punch a row of three scallop circles from the front of the card; to be sure they are equally spaced, punch the middle shape first then centre your punch in the remaining spaces to punch the second and third shapes.
3. Apply the vine sticker along the left hand side of the card. Paint the flowers, leaves and berries using the glass paints.
4. Apply three flower stickers to the apertures and paint the outer edges of the petals of the top and bottom flowers using blue paint and the outer edges of the middle flower using red paint.
5. Paint the inner parts of the petals using white paint.
6. While the paint is still dry use a cocktail stick to drag the colours into each other to give a variegated look.
7. When dry all a pale yellow flower to the centre of the middle glass painted flower and secure with a glitter brad.
8. Add a large brad to the centre of the other two flowers.

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