Gorgeous Beaded Bracelet


You will need:
Cou 2568807 Metal 45Pc 4X5Mm Metal Melon Bd Sil
Cou 3202301 Cord -50′.5Mm Clear Stretch Cord
Cou 3244413 Pearl -90Pc 8Mm Rnd Gl Rose Pearl
Cou 34675056 Exi -37Pc Mixed Pearls Gold
Cou 34675076 60Pc Flower Metal Caps Silver
Cou 3467624 Sub – 27Pc Fuchsia Pearl/Acryl/Metal
Cou 3467743 Sym – 13Pc 14Mm Gold Pearls
Cou 34699057 Trkk – 7Pc Glass/Metal Bead Purple/Pink Swirl
Cou 4798602 Beyb – 32Pc 4Mm Hex Cry W/Rainbow Ab
Cou 4798701 Beyb – 128Pc 4Mm Bicone Metal Bronze

Level: Beginner

Duration: 30 minutes

Step by Step:
These bracelets are so simple to create. Follow Becky’s gorgeous colour combinations to make this stunning set.
1. For each bracelet trim elastic cord to measure approximately twice the size or your wrist.

2. Pink Pearl Bracelet – thread on alternating pink pearls, bronze bicones and silver hexagon beads as shown. Pull the thread tight and tie a double knot to finish securely.

3. Gold Pearl Bracelet – Thread gold pearls, separating them with metal melon beads and metal beads from the Fuchsia strand. Again tie a secure knot to finish.

4. Eclectic Bracelet – Thread large gold beads, fuchsia beads, and Trinkettes beads onto stretch cord. Sandwich the Trinkettes with the bicone shaped metal beads to fill the large holes and add the flower caps either side of the fuchsia beads. Complete the mix with bicones, crystals and more. Knot to finish.

Designer – Rebecca James

For information about where you can buy the items needed click here

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