Greetings cards

Combine crochet and papercrafting with our stunning greetings cards…

Little crocheted flowers and doilies are ideal for a wide range of uses. They can be turned into brooches and jewellery, sewn onto clothing or, as Corinne Bradd demonstrates here, added to greetings cards. These unusual makes will wow your friends and family and only use a tiny bit of yarn from your kit – perfect!

Stitches used:

greeting card

Chain (ch)
Treble (tr)
Double crochet (dc)
Double treble (dtr)
Slip stitch (sl st)

Trellis card

Using 4mm hook and pink yarn make 20ch and 3 turning ch Turn, (1tr into second st, * 1ch, miss one st, 1tr, rep from * to end, 3 turning ch), rep until 12 rows of trellis have been worked
Fasten off


Using green yarn work 2dc into each ch sp and 5dc into each corner
Fasten off

Paisley flower card
(make two)

Using yellow yarn make a slip knot on hook, 10dc into ring, join and tighten central slip knot
Work (1dc, 1tr, 1dtr, 1tr, 1dc) into first st, sl st, rep to make five petals
Join and fasten off to make up
Stitch flowers to one corner of trellis and sew in all ends. Cover an A6 card blank with spotted paper and fix trellis to centre with 3D foam pads so flower are towards base. Mount a peel-off greeting to a matted card panel and fix to top of the trellis at an angle.
Glue gemstones to centres of flowers paisley flower card flower (make two)
Using 5.5mm hook and yellow yarn 6ch, join into a ring, 2ch, 11tr into ring
Join and fasten off
Using orange yarn dc into back loop of each tr (Sl st, 1dc, 1tr, 1dtr) into first st, (1dtr, 1tr,
1dc, sl st) into next st, rep to create six petals
Fasten off

To make up:

Sew in all loose ends.
Cover an A6 blank with paisley patterned paper, cutting out images and fixing them to design with 3D foam pads to add dimension.
Cut out flower shapes and pierce centres.
Thread a decorative paper fastener through hole before passing through centre of flower. Make small slits in front of card where flowers are to go, fasten by splaying points of paper fastener

Doily card

Using 4mm hook and white yarn make a slip knot on hook, 11dc into ring, join and tighten central slip knot 3ch, * miss one st, 1tr, 1ch, rep from * to make 11 loops, join 5ch, * 1tr into ch sp, 3ch, rep from * to end, join with sl st (Sl st, 1dc, 1tr, 1dc, sl st) into each ch sp
Join and fasten off
Rejoin yarn into top of one of tr with a sl st, * 8ch, join to next tr with sl st, rep from * to end
Work 8dc into each ch sp
Fasten off

To make up:

Fix doily to centre of a decorated card blank with double-sided foam pads.
Add cutout flowers.

This pattern has been kindly donated by Let’s Knit magazine, visit for more patterns.  Thanks also to Corinne Bradd for designing this pattern.  Corinne is a multi-talented and award-winning designer who regularly creates projects for Let’s Get Crafting, Sew, Let’s Knit, Make Jewellery and Crafts Beautiful.

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