Quilted Christmas Stocking

2008 December

Exclusively for Candis Knitting Patterns please find this pattern below.


Rowan Shimmer and Kid Silk Haze

A Shimmer Titanium 093

2 x 25 gm

B Kidsilk Haze Cream 634

1 x 25 gm


Rowan Fabric x 2m

(Photographed in Rowan Fabrics SC24

available from Westminster Fibers)

Wadding x 1m

Ribbon 0.3cm wide x 30cm


3.00mm (no11) (US C2) crochet hook


ch = chain, tr = treble, dc = double crochet,

loop st = Insert the hook into the st below as

usual. Using a finger of the free hand, pull up

the yarn and form a loop of the required size.

Pick up both strands of the loop and draw

them through.Wrap the supply yarn over the

hook. Draw the yarn though all 3 loops..


Make a stocking template based on the size


Cut out 2 stockings from the fabric (one of

these will form the lining).

Cut out 1 stocking from the wadding.

With RS together, stitch 3 separate stockings with

a 1 cm seam allowance, leaving the top open.

Trim seams close to stitching line to avoid bulk.

Clipping curves to allow for ease.

Turn the main fabric stocking so the RS is facing.

Place the wadding inside the stocking and the

lining fabric (with RS facing) inside this so that

all the WS are concealed.

Stitch all pieces together at the top of the stocking.


Work with yarn A & B together throughout.

Using 3.00mm (US C2) crochet hook make

enough sts to fit round the top edge of the


Base Row: 1 tr into 4th ch from hook, 1 tr

into each ch to end, turn.

Row 1 (WS): 1 ch *1 dc into 1st tr, loop st

into next tr, rep from * to end, turn

Row 2: 3 ch, 1 tr in each st to end, turn.

Row 3: 1 ch, 1 dc * 1dc, loop st, rep from * to

end, turn.

Row 4: As row 2

Rows 1 – 4 set patt.

Cont in patt until work meas 10 cm ending

after patt row 2 or 4.

Fasten off.

Slip stitch ends together.

Stitch the centre of the edging to the top of

the stocking.

To hang the stocking stitch the ribbon doubled

to the inside of the stocking top.

Using the photograph as a guide, embroider

snowflakes to the front of the stocking. (See

embroidery diagram on the information page

on how to do the stitch)



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