Pretty Trinkettes Necklace

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Designed by Becky James

Level: Beginner

Duration: 20 minutes

Step by Steps: –
1. Using the 20cm snake chain for the beaded section of the necklace, lay out a random design of crystal, glass and metal beads to fill the chain. Ensure that a looped spacer is placed in the centre of the design. Thread on to the chain.

2. Choose a small selection of charms and add them to the looped spacer using a jump ring.

3. Attach each end of the 20cm chain to one of the 18cm chains to complete the necklace.

You will need: –
Cousin Trinkettes 18cm Chain x2 – COU 34699001
Cousin Trinkettes 20cm Chain – COU 34699002
Cousin Trinkettes – 5pc Glass/Metal Bead Pink Crystal – COU 34699029
Cousin Trinkettes – 7pc Glass/Metal Bead Purple/Pink Swirl – COU 34699057
Cousin Trinkettes – 4pc Metal Spacer Pink Crystal – COU 34699019
Cousin Trinkettes 10pc Metal Bead Girl Mix – COU 34699024
Cousin Trinkettes – 12pc Metal Charms Rose/Cross – COU 34699006
Cousin Trinkettes – 5pc Glass/Metal Bead Blue Crystal – COU 34699032
Cousin Silver Starter Kit – COU 34675063

Where to buy:
For information about where you can buy the items needed click here

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