Seaside Holiday Pin Board

This beach themed pin board will be great for planning your future holidays or pinning keepsakes from past trips. The striped deck chair style fabric and nautical embellishments will make you feel as though you’re back on the beach!

You will need:

PMA 354303 Assorted Buttons (250g)- Capsule Spots & Stripes Brights
PMA 358401 Fat Quarters (5pcs)- Capsule Spots & Stripes Brights
PMA 358501 Felt Bundle (7pcs)- Capsule Spots & Stripes Brights
PMA 157197 Die Cut Postcards- Ahoy There!
PMA 367107 1m Ribbon (6pcs)- Ahoy There!
PMA 803115 Cardstock Stickers- Ahoy There!
PMA 354201 Shell Buttons- Ahoy There!
PMA 3741600 Glazed Brads- Assorted
CPT 6671111 Lollipop Sticks- Assorted Colours
PMA 160204 12 X 12” Designstax- Capsule Spots & Stripes Brights

1. Take a rectangle of sturdy cardboard, we used a panel from an old cardboard box, (ensure it is smaller than a fat quarter, so that you can fold the fabric over the edges and staple in place).

2. Arrange the felt pieces on top of the cardboard, making sure you have enough left to fold over the edge of the board. Glue in place with a glue stick. Adhere double-sided tape to the edges of the back of the board; fold the felt over the edges and stick to the tape. Ensure that the felt is stretched tightly over the board. Snip off any excess.

3. Place your chosen fat quarter over the top of the felt and fold over the edges of the board. Snip off the excess on the corners. Secure in place by stapling the fabric to the back of the board, all the way around, keeping it nice and taught.

4. Arrange the ribbons diagonally and tightly across the board and staple to the back of the board. Criss-cross the other ribbons over the top and staple in place.

5. Using a hot glue gun, carefully stick a mixture of shell and plastic buttons to the brads. With a scalpel, carefully cut a little slit where the ribbons cross over right through to the back of the board. Thread your button-covered brads through the slits and open out the arms of the brads on the back of the board.

6. Decorate your pin board with the postcards and cardstock stickers. For the ultimate seaside touch, assemble the pinwheels by cutting a 5cm and 8cm square out of contrasting papers from the Designstax. Fold each square in half diagonally. Open the square out and fold in half diagonally the other way. Open out and snip half way through each corner, following the score line. Fold every other point into the center. Fix in place with a little glue. Secure the smaller pinwheel in the center of the larger one using a brad. Stick the pinwheels to the lollipop sticks, and thread through a ribbon on the pin board to hold in place.


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