Stunning Jewelled Bracelet

jewel bracelet

The colour scheme of the bracelet is simply gorgeous and of course you could change it to suit any occasion.

You will need…


Level: Intermediate

Duration: 1 – 2 hours

Step by Step:

1. Thread a mixture of single beads/pearls and crystals onto head pins. Turn the end of each to a neat loop.
2. Trim beading wire to measure 30cm long.
3. Secure a jump ring at one end using a crimp bead. Thread on 6 gold carved beads and secure with another crimp bead. Thread on all the beaded head pins in a random order – I used 45. Secure with another crimp bead.
4. Thread on 6 more gold carved beads.
5. Make a loop at the end securing a jump ring in place using a crimp bead.
6. Attach a 7cm length of chain to the jumpring as an extender and add another beaded head pin to the end.
7. Add a lobster claw clasp to the other end to finish.

For information about where you can buy the items needed click here

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