Warholesque Shoes Card

shoe card

Designed by Amanda Curtin

You will need…

AUD 00001 Audrey Roberts Jade Treasures Collection

ANT 1513020 Tall Card/envelope 50 pack white

CSP 71700 Fluid chalk queue Misty Meadows

PMA 9031001 Acrylic Block 4×5ΒΌ inch

STI 3015 Stick It! Glue Stick 15G

STI 4532000 Stick It! Excel 3D Transparent Dots Small 6mm

ANT 3671105 1.5m ribbon – Organza Gold

AUD 907101 A5 Unmounted Rubber Stamps – Shoes & Bag

PMA 1641402 A6 Capsule Textured Premium Cardstock – Colossal

PUR 1050 Ultimate Trimmer

STI 4000 Stick It! 3D Foam Squares

STI 5000 Permanent Adhesive Roller (8mm x 10m)

Where to buy:
For information about where you can buy the items needed click here


30 minutes

Step by Step:
Cut floral card from the kit to cover a tall card blank. Before sticking to the card blank, put 24cm organza ribbon along one long edge, about 1cm in, wrap the ends round the back and stick down. Stick to the card blank so the ribbon is along the open edge.

2. Stamp a shoe in three different colours onto smooth white card and trim into three squares so that the shoes line up. Ink around the edges with pale blue ink. Stamp a heart onto white card in the same three colours and cut out. Stick each heart to the end of a 3cm length of organza ribbon, stick in the top right corner of the same colour shoe square, wrapping the end of the ribbon over the top of the card. Matt each square onto dark teal card.

3. Using the wavy trimmer blade, cut a rectangle of gold card (from the kit) just wider than the card blank and stick the three shoe squares along it, equally spaced. Stick to the card blank.

4. Ink around the edge of a die cut greeting and matt onto dark teal cardstock. Stick over the middle of the long organza ribbon.

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