Mini Baby Paws are three playful soft-toy pups to take with you wherever you go. Choose from a Beagle, Border Collie and Shiba Inu. We’ve four sets of Mini Baby Paws and Baby Paws, worth £34.98 each, to give away. Full sized Baby Paws come in either a Dalmatian or Cocker Spaniel – each of which has a blanket in a pattern to match the puppy’s personality which can be hidden inside or unfolded to create a mini bag to carry your Baby Paws, plus a dummy! With the dummy in their mouth, the puppy will sleep, but take it away and it will open its eyes and make tired doggy noises. Baby Paws Cocker is perfect for teaching children the responsibility of having a pet. Download the Baby Paws app and, guided by a vet, you will go through different mini-games to help you to care for your new puppy. Available from all good toy retailers.

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