100 calorie healthy treats

Feeling peckish? These summery snacks are all high on taste yet low on guilt, so go on – treat yourself!

1. Two Quorn mini Scotch eggs – good protein and fibre content, low in saturated fat and salt.


2. Three slices (30g) Tesco wafer thin ham with mixed lettuce leaves and sliced cucumber on 1 slice Hovis Nimble wholemeal bread, spread with half a tbsp Hellmann’s extra light mayonnaise, topped with remaining half tbsp mayo. Filling not fattening.


3. 1 level tbsp (20g) Asda reduced-fat red pepper and chilli houmous spread on one Kallo low fat thick rice cake, topped with thin slices of ready-grilled mixed peppers in oil, well-drained. Masses of colour, crunch and flavour with healthy fats and fibre to keep you feeling full.


4. ¼ (100g) cantaloupe melon slice, topped with two slices Parma ham. Vitamin C, fibre and sun-protective antioxidants from the melon, lean protein from the ham.


5. 1 Nairn’s rough oatcake topped with 20g crumbled feta cheese, 1 chopped cherry tomato and 1 chopped spring onion. Low GI oats to keep you feeling full, feta is high in calcium and protein and the tomatoes and onion provide vitamin C.


6. 2 Little Gem lettuce leaves each filled with 25g reduced-fat tuna and sweetcorn deli sandwich filler plus plenty of chopped tomato and cucumber and ¼ of a sweet red pepper. Packed with vitamin C and carotene for healthy skin.


7. 1 dark rye Ryvita topped with 1 tbsp (25g) reduced-fat coleslaw and 1/3 x 60g pack Mattessons Fridge Raiders Barbeque chicken pieces. High in fibre with an appetite-satisfying flavour hit.


8. Activia Snackpot Fat-Free Banoffee – The pro-biotic bacteria help beat constipation and bloating, and there’s over a third of your daily calcium needs in one pot. A filling and moreish treat.


9. 1 pack WeightWatchers Hot Chilli Flavour Tortillas (83 cals) served with 2 tbsp (40g) Doritos Mild Salsa (13 cals). A virtually fat-free treat for your taste buds.


10. 1 dessertspoon (14g) Whole Earth crunchy original peanut butter on 1 Finn Crisp Original Slim, topped with sliced radish and red onion. Organic and with no added sugar, this peanut butter treat is also low salt, high fibre, high in heart-friendly mono-unsaturated fats and low GI.



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