Feel full on less calories

Who says dieting has to involve a rumbling tummy? Frida Harju, the in-house nutritionist at leading health and fitness app Lifesum, has ten tips for curbing hunger pangs without eating more…

Variety is the spice of life


The first thing to do when filling your plate is to make sure that at least half of it is made up of vegetables. Not only do they brighten up your plate and keep the calorie intake low, they are also full of vitamins and nutrients, like fibre and potassium, which leave you feeling fuller for longer. Vegetables are also a great source of water, which makes both your brain and stomach think you are full.


It is essential that you don’t skip your breakfast, as it provides essential fuel that will keep you energised throughout the day. Try eating eggs with some fresh spinach leaves – the protein will leave you energised and control your appetite.


Instead of going straight to your main course, try having a starter made up of vegetables. This will reduce an intense feeling of hunger straight away and make sure you eat less of your main course than you normally would.


Having 1-2 glasses of water before your meal is the perfect way to reduce hunger, especially as the majority of the time we feel hungry we are actually thirsty. When hunger strikes, drink a glass of water then assess whether you still feel hungry. Even if you do, you will probably end up eating less than usual as the water will take away some of the hunger.


Foods that are rich in fibre, like courgette, cauliflower, aubergine and cabbage, are perfect for helping you to feel fuller without consuming lots of calories. Try cauliflower rice or courgette pasta instead of ordinary rice and white pasta.

Plate size

If you are struggling not to fill up a large plate, then opt for a smaller one, as you will be able to fill it up without any guilt and feel like you have eaten more as you have finished everything on your plate. Alternatively, you can use a bowl, as it will look fuller than a plate.


If you’re trying to lose weight that doesn’t mean you can’t snack – just make sure you take healthy snacks with you to eat throughout the day. Nuts are a great snack to eat on the go, as they contain protein, fibre and fat, which will leave you feeling fuller and speed up your metabolism.

Enjoy your food

When you are hungry, it can be tempting to just devour whatever is put in front of you, thus eating more than you actually should. Instead, make sure to thoroughly chew your food, which will help you enjoy your meal more and signal to your brain that you are full.

Don’t get distracted

When you are eating your meals, try not to get distracted by things like your phone or the TV. Instead, focus on enjoying the meal and savouring the taste. If you are watching a TV show while you eat, you are likely to sit and eat for a lot longer, thus consuming more.

Know when to stop

You should try and stop yourself eating when you are about 80 per cent full. Not only is this enough food for you to feel healthy, but you also won’t finish your meal feeling tired and bloated.


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