Get trim for summer with the 100-day fitness challenge

Many of us start the New Year vowing to make healthy lifestyle changes, but less than ten per cent actually stick to their resolutions. However, a January relapse needn’t ruin your good intentions and here’s one way to kick-start your weight loss and fitness goals.


Personal trainer Lee Brogan is urging Candis readers to take part in a 100-day transformation challenge to help them shape up in time for summer.

He suggests participants make healthy changes to their diet, even small ones, and exercise for a minimum of just 20 minutes a day.

Lee said, “Many people try the ‘new year, new you’ approach but unfortunately the majority fail. Still, it’s not too late to get focused and fit for summer.

“We know what we should be eating more of – fresh fruit, vegetables, healthy salads – and what we should be cutting down on – sugar, saturated fat and processed junk food.

“Small changes will add up if you’re consistent over time. Drink more water and fit in at least 20 minutes of exercise a day. Try to incorporate activity into your daily life – take the stairs more or park your car further away from where you need to go.”

Lee, head trainer at Wirral PT, has also produced a simple five-minute home fitness test to help people assess their current fitness level before and after the challenge.

“I hope to encourage anyone wanting to get into shape to take this simple test now,” he said. “If it’s poor, don’t panic. You’d be amazed at what you can achieve in 100 days.

“After the challenge, retake the test and share your end-result score. If you stick to a healthy plan for 100 days, that will take you through to mid May – just in time for the beach!”

Lee says accountability is key to success and suggests participants could share their fitness test score online. You could also post photos of your healthy meals and share your workouts daily on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #100daychallenge.

“The idea behind the challenge is to take stock of where you are now with your weight and fitness level,” Lee said.

“There’s something motivating about going public with your goals, and some people might want to be brave and share their weight or ‘before’ pictures. Why not take pictures of yourself each day over 100 days and compile them together in a video on YouTube?”

Users of websites such as MyFitnessPal could post links to their daily food and exercise logs.

He added, “I hope people take inspiration from others and pick up new tips and recipes. They may even discover some new ways to get fit.

“People often make excuses such as being too busy and not having the time but, as the saying goes – you don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

“Then once you’ve got into the habit, chances are you’ll want to keep your new healthy lifestyle after the 100 days.”


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