Test your alcohol IQ

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Latest government guidelines recommend both men and women stick to a maximum of 14 alcoholic units spread over a week – here’s what you need to know…

  1. The 14-unit-a-week rule was introduced to lower the risk of cancer. Many cancers are now linked to alcohol intake. For example, a daily 175ml glass of wine raises your risk of breast cancer by two per cent.
  2. One unit is not always the same as one glass. Each of the following is a single unit: 76ml 13 per cent abv wine, 218ml 4.5 per cent cider, 25ml 40 per cent whiskey, 259ml four per cent beer, and one bottle of four per cent alcopop.
  3. There are three units in one large (250ml) glass of wine.
  4. It takes the average adult around one hour to process one unit of alcohol.
  5. Binge drinking – defined as six or more units in one session – significantly increases systolic blood pressure, in turn raising your risk of heart disease and stroke.

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