Boxing day

Boxing Day shopping list

While these are the ingredients you’ll need to make all three of the buffet dishes, do make sure you use as many of your leftovers as possible.

Store cupboard

10 cardamom pods

300g casarecce pasta or short pasta shapes

Spoonful of dried crushed chillies

½ a stick of cinnamon

400ml can coconut milk

Big chunk of crusty white bread

Spoonful of cumin seeds

Spoonful of fennel seeds

Splash of groundnut oil

Good glug of olive oil

Good glug of sunflower oil

Spoonful of turmeric

Vegetable stock

100ml white wine

Fruit and veg

Bunch of basil

Bunch of coriander

3 courgettes

1 bulb of garlic

Fresh ginger, one finger

2 leeks

2 onions

2 red peppers

4 baking potatoes

400g salad potatoes


350g thick-cut ham

800g cooked turkey 800g or 800g diced chicken


150g blue cheese

15g butter

200g mascarpone

40g Parmesan cheese

75g soft cheese

See your December 2013 issue of Candis for the full feature with all the recipes

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