Forget me not with Post-it super sticky notes

Win with Candis 

This weekend we have teamed up with 3M Post-it to offer you the chance to win a super sticky product pack for all notes and reminders! All you need to do is ‘Like’ one of our Candis Facebook status’ about the competition for your chance to win – good luck everyone!

Winner will be picked Monday 9am.

Stimulus Kids 3

Do you ever have a really great idea, only to forget it later that day? Or perhaps you wake up in the middle of the night suddenly remembering all the things you were supposed to do the day before?

Or maybe, it’s not you that forgets things and you are constantly reminding colleagues, family and friends about things that they promised to do?

A recent survey by the Post-it Brand from 3M found that the average person forgets four facts, items or events every day. That’s a whacking 1,460 things a year!

Simple things like taking the dinner out of the freezer to defrost, leaving for work without your keys/wallet seem to flummox us all at times.

And with a range of different colours, including grab-your-attention neon and shapes including stars, squares and oblongs, Post-it Super Sticky Notes provide a fun and eye-catching way to help diminish levels of forgetfulness.

So whether you’re reminding your partner to do something with a note on the fridge, leaving a message on a colleague’s computer screen or jotting down an idea for a staff member’s birthday present, it’s got to be a Post-it Super Sticky Note.

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