Hidden Gems FAQs

I can’t remember my membership number

We can help! You can find this out by clicking ‘Membership no.’ in the forgot bar at the top of the website page or by calling Customer Relations on 0800 814 5400.

Where do I get my extra Candis Hidden Gem numbers?

Don’t worry, we will allocate these numbers automatically as your membership is renewed. Your number will be entered in the next available monthly draw.

How do I know what my Candis Hidden Gem numbers are?

In the first year of your membership you have your Candis Lucky Number, which is the same as your membership number.

In the second year of your membership you will have a Topaz Hidden Gems number, which is your membership number with the TP prefix.

In your third year your Ruby number has the RB prefix.

In your fourth year your Sapphire number will be your membership number with the SP prefix.

In the fifth year your Emerald number will be your membership number with the EM prefix

I’ve already been a member for five years, will I get all the extra numbers in one go?

Yes! Your extra numbers will be included from the very first Candis Hidden Gems loyalty draw.

I’m been a member for over five years, why can’t I have more extra numbers?

As a brand new feature for members we think the extra four numbers allowed in the Candis Hidden Gems loyalty draw is both an exciting addition and a fair way of rewarding our loyal subscribers without making the numbers system too complicated.

Why do I have to use the Claim Line if I am a winner?

This is so we can verify your claim in order to send you your prize. You can choose to email your claim if you prefer to fpd.candis.co.uk. The Candis Club member draw rules state… Any claim made, either by letter, email or on the Claim Line, must include the entrant’s full name and address and either their winning Candis Lucky Draw number and/or their Candis Hidden Gem number/s. Should these details not correspond with the records held by the Club, then the claim will not be paid.

Help, none of these questions answers my query!

Don’t worry. There are three ways we can help.

1. You can use Live Chat by clicking here to ask your question

2. You can email your query customer@candis.co.uk

3. You can call our friendly Customer Relations Team on 0800 814 5400

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