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Do you want to buy a single copy of Candis Magazine? Are you a fan of a particular celebrity and have missed their exclusive interview with us?

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Front covers / celebrity interviews include:

July 2013 Jane Seymour
June 2013 Diane Keaton
May 2013 Dolly Parton
April 2013 Naomi Watts
March 2013 Halle Berry
February 2013 Gerard Butler
January 2013 Sophia Loren
December 2012 Helena Bonham Carter
November 2012 Daniel Craig
October 2012 Bruce Willis
September 2012 Penelope Cruz
August 2012 Kate Beckinsale
July 2012 Lulu
June 2012 Nicole Kidman
May 2012 Elle Macpherson
April 2012 Brooke Shields
March 2012 Charlize Theron
February 2012 Julianna Margulies
January 2012 Robin Wright
December 2011 Sarah Jessica Parker
November 2011 Angelina Jolie
October 2011 Gwyneth Paltrow
September 2011 Julianne Moore
August 2011 Kate Winslet
July 2011 Jodie Foster
June 2011 Kate Hudson
May 2011 Johnny Depp
April 2011 Helen Mirren
March 2011 Will Smith
February 2011 Kylie Minogue
January 2011 Matthew Perry

CELEB-MONTAGE     CELEB-MONTAGE march 13    in this issue fim


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