4 home interior trends that are coming back

The 1970s was a decade of change. With inflation in double figures, a series of strikes, three-day working weeks and a transformation of people attitudes, the decade left a great impact on the world. All of the change in the public domain also triggered changes in fashion styles, innovation in furniture design and an outrageous break in colour schemes used across the homes.

As history tends to repeat itself in cycles, it comes to be that the bright and wacky 1970s are coming back in full blast. Bold and patterned furniture, which was so prominently used in the 70s, is coming back to modern furniture design. Bean bags, lava lamps, shag area rugs and plastic moulded furniture is taking over the contemporary homes. Find out more about each of these by reading on:


Bean bags

In the 1970s, bean bags had their major break, with the availability of them in bright colours and patterns fitting with the fashion trends of the time. They were untraditional, and broke the rules of the living room design. Children and adults alike enjoyed their mobility.

Nowadays, bean bags can be used in almost every room of the house. From the living room to the garden, the items come in a variety of styles and colours. Also, bean bags from companies like BeanBagBazaar now come in many different fabrics, such as covered in fur, natural cotton, faux leather or real leather.

Bean bags are especially popular for gaming rooms, as they provide a comfortable seating arrangement. Also, due to them varying in size, they can be purchased in double sitting arrangements for a unique take on a sofa.

Bright colour schemes

Bright colour schemes very popular in the 1970s, and while we might not use as much of the dazzling tones anymore, we do often integrate a bright coloured wall into an interior design in order to avoid the blank looks of beige walls featuring throughout a home.

If the thought of a bright orange wall isn’t for you though, it could be a good idea to use brighter decorations across your home instead. Matching similar colour schemes through the rooms will help to make your home more dynamic. This will limit the amount of miss-matched rooms too.

Plastic furniture

Plastic moulded furniture was a mainstream conception of furniture in the 1970s, with those living in that decade fully embracing creativity and modernity. This type of furniture also benefitted from being considerably cheap to mass-produce.

Nowadays, many companies sell plastic moulded furniture, with the popularity of see-through acrylic and plastic furniture increasing in particular due to their modern and light designs.

Modern homes can integrate this light furniture in order to establish an airy feel and maximise even small spaces, since the low cost production has enabled manufacturers to invest in more conceptual furniture designs.

Shag area rugs

Shag area rugs caught the eye back in the 1970s because they were new, untraditional and came in bright colours. It was everything the decade could have asked for. These rugs could be seen in bedrooms, living rooms, halls; in short, almost every room of the home.

These rugs are used almost for the same purpose today. They cover small areas, where you just need that extra layer to make a room cosy. Shag rugs are particularly popular in industrial-style apartments though, as they give a soft and comfortable look to the interior space provided.

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