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General – FAQs

Q. Who is Trinity Fair Finance?

A. Trinity Fair Finance is a branch of DotComUnity Centres CIC, facilitating access to all DotComUnity Member Benefits including DotComUnity Credit Union. All savings, loans and accounts are provided by DotComUnity Credit Union.

Q. Can I organise Standing Orders from my account?

A. Certainly, regular outgoings can be handled this way.

Q. Can I have my salary paid directly into my account?

A. Yes, no problem.

Q. Do you operate Junior Accounts?

A. Yes, we believe children should be taught good financial habits early.

Q. What about Students?

A. Yes, we operate student accounts, however Students should join ZakBank a specialist DotComUnity Branch, designed by students for students and providing the products and services they need.

Q. How can I repair my credit rating?

A. The first step is to open an account with us.

Q. Can my partner have a separate account?

A. Certainly. Separate or joint.

Q. Where do your funds come from?

A. From our members.

Q. I have a small business, can I bank with you?

A. Certainly. We have several customers with small businesses.  We offer a variety of accounts and FlexiLoan services which you can choose.

Q. How can I start?

A. Visit and register online today 

Savings – FAQs

Q. How secure are my all my savings?

A. All savings with the credit union are fully guaranteed by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS

Q. Do you offer ISAs?

Yes, our last offer at 3% was above the national average rate. Junior’s qualify for 3.5%.

Loan – FAQs

Q. What is an acceptable reason for applying for a loan?

A. Every request is treated on its merit but popular reasons are: to spread the cost of a holiday, to deal with unforeseen financial demands, home improvements, car for a young person and consolidation of existing loans.

Q. How does your Free Life Insurance  work?

A. If you should die before the loan is completed you have automatic free life insurance which settles the balance and your estate does not have to pay anything. The Free Life Insurance is available to members taking out loans with DotComUnity Credit Union (age restrictions 18 – 80 years apply).

Q. Can I repay my loan early?

A. Yes, you can repay your loan early at any time without penalty.

Q. Can I make a partial loan repayment

A. Yes, you can at anytime make partial repayments, on top of your monthly repayment.

Q. Can I use my 10% loan linked savings towards repaying my loan?

A. Yes, you can however it can only be used to clear the loan in full.

Q. Do I have to find a guarantor for a Credit Union loan?

A. No. This is not a credit union requirement.



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