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Stuck in a lunch time rut

Wonderful PistachiosNearly seventy per cent of working women have the same thing for lunch most days.

A study by Wonderful Pistachios into the eating habits of the country’s workers also revealed that sixty per cent of these unadventurous lunch eaters have been eating the same thing for as long as they can remember.

In fact, an amazing one in ten working women has been eating the same thing for 25 years.

Of the 2000 workers polled, 71 per cent said that they have a packed lunch every day, one fifth have something shop bought and one in ten eat in the staff canteen.

The most popular reoccurring lunch proved to be the humble ham sandwich followed by the equally uninspiring cheese sandwich.

Seven in ten people said they eat the same thing day after day mainly because ‘it’s easy’, while cheapness and simply following the routine were also big factors.

A disillusioned 50 per cent of those polled said that their lunches were dull with almost one in three admitting that they were stuck in a run with their diet.

The results also revealed four in ten people think the traditional lunch break is a thing of the past with heavy workloads and time constraints meaning the average worker has to ‘squeeze in’ the time to eat.

With the traditional lunch hour fading from Britain’s offices, a new ‘snacking schedule’ is taking over as the time to eat – forty per cent of workers say the afternoon snack is now a staple part of their diet.

One in four working women turn to food before 11.00 am to help them through the day, with 3.00pm being the next most popular slot.

A Wonderful Pistachios spokesman said: “It’s so easy to get stuck in a food rut with time constraints and money being the main causes, but trying out a new snack doesn’t have to mean investing a lot of cash or prep time in the morning.

“Wonderful Pistachios are perfect for busy workers looking for a tasty snack. A 30-gram serving contains 160 calories and provides a variety of different vitamins and minerals.”

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