A sobering thought

153551887Only 85 dieting days left till Christmas – 60 if I want to look presentable in time for what is laughably called “the party season” ie the school nativity, the winter fete, the mulled wine neighbours’ do and a hasty tour of whichever relatives are a) still alive and b) still talking to us.

Yesterday’s experiment trying on my little black winter dress ended in sartorial horror – the overall impression was of a baby elephant stumbling into Victoria Beckham’s new shop – I was not only in the wrong place at the wrong time, I wasn’t quite sure I could get out of it unassisted.

So the time has come to face facts – all 20lb of them. My friend Vix swears by giving up booze in November – it not only saves her enough dosh to buy a new Christmas party dress in double figures – it means she can buy it in a single figure size – which gives her such a superior glow of satisfaction she can cut down on Crème de la Mer as well. For the last couple of years I have convinced myself I’m going to join her – then chicken out because by then I’m past caring, the nights are too cold and I’m too swathed in big jumpers to get motivated anyway.

But this morning – while looking for recipes for banana muffins (they’re still in the oven but they smell lovely so far…) I stumbled across the Go Sober for October website, which gives a very persuasive and engaging argument for giving up booze for just 31 days. Not only do you feel and look better, but you are encouraged to give the money you save (and any you can guilt trip your friends out of sending your way – especially if they’ve had a few…) to Macmillan Cancer Support.

I started thinking about just how much weight I might lose and discovered that just one glass of white wine has as many calories as a Cornetto. The thought of scoffing a Cornetto or six of an evening makes me feel ever so slightly horrified – so why is it so easy to neck it down in alcohol form? The comfort of doing it in company helps I suppose, but even so – I started picturing each glistening glass of Pinot Grigio as a cup of melted lard and felt a bit faint (please don’t try this yourself – especially first thing in the morning).

So, here goes, in for a penny, and I hope, out with the pounds. I’ll let you know how I get on…

Posted by Amanda Blinkhorn

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