Lest I forget…

doughnutI am delighted to announce that Doughnut is back on his feet and shaking his arthritic hips to the beat of the samba thanks to a new series of anti-inflammatory injections. He is also managing to accompany me on the school run after a short convalescence. This inevitably means he has to spend a short time each day outside the corner shop while I pick up everything I forgot from the supermarket (typically milk, bread, loo roll, anything I can use to scare up a packed lunch or three and of course mince and rice for Doughnut… note to self – get more organised, write a list BEFORE going shopping… well you get the picture!)

Being officially party and barbecue season the shop is busier than ever. Even so I hadn’t realised quite how long I’d been in there the other day, till a man put his head round the door while I was at the till and asked Harry, the owner, “Do you think you could run your CCTV tape back a few minutes,” Oh God I thought – what now – bike theft or mugging? “Only that dog’s been out there an awfully long time,” he went on. “I think someone might have abandoned him.”

Oh the shame, it was worse than when I left a newborn Katy on the bus… Doughnut has mastered the doggy equivalent of heroin chic: Battersea Hang Dog.

Posted by Amanda Blinkhorn


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