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If you’re looking to get away with this year, then there a host of cheap family holidays you can take advantage of. The following explains some of the best ideas for cheap getaways and how you can take advantage of the best deals.

Booking early and late availability

Tour operators usually offer incentives for people to book early, so if you can afford to, organising your trip well in advance will ensure that you secure a cheap family holiday. Similarly, booking at the last minute can also offer you significant cost savings.

If you’re not too fussy about when or where you go, then a late availability deal could offer you a great opportunity for a cheap family holiday. There are plenty of deals out there which will allow you to get away, however, you will have to be flexible about when you can go and expect the worst in terms of accommodation. Late availability deals can be something of a lottery, but if you are prepared to take a gamble then there are some fantastic cheap family holidays to be had.

U.K and Irish holidays

The great British summer is traditionally a bit dicey, but if you are prepared to take a risk, then a family holiday here in The U.K could be much cheaper than going abroad. In particular, Devon and Cornwall, with their vast coastlines of golden sandy beaches are perfect, particularly for families with small children. The relaxed pace of life in the emerald isle is perfect for those who are looking for a relaxing break


If you are on a budget, then camping can be one of the most cost-effective options for cheap family holidays. Traditionally, camping meant roughing it; however, modern campsites are equipped with all of the amenities you would expect to find in a hotel or holiday complex and for added comfort, you can upgrade from a tent to a static home.

There are plenty of campsites both here in Britain and on the continent and Candis members can enjoy discounts of upto 50% on some of the best of these through our special partnership with Haven.

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