Vanilla parfaits with mulled fruit compote

Ready in 15 minutes, plus freezing

4 egg yolks
75g golden caster sugar
300ml double cream
1 tsp vanilla paste
For the mulled fruits:
200g mixed forest fruits, defrosted
100ml red wine
2 tbsp port
pared zest 1 orange
1⁄2 cinnamon stick
50g sugar

1 Whisk the yolks and sugar together for 10 minutes until foaming and creamy. Whip cream and vanilla until lightly peaking. Fold in the egg yolks, spoon into 4 x 200ml dariole moulds and freeze for 4 hours or until needed.

2 To make the mulled fruits, pour the juices from the fruits into a small pan and add the remaining ingredients. Bring to the boil and simmer for 5 minutes until thickened and syrupy. Stir in the fruit and warm for 2 minutes. Discard the cinnamon stick and pared rind before serving.

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