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family health guideParental advice is now available from more places than ever before. With the popularity of TV shows aimed at children and their parents, websites, and magazines such as Candis, there is no reason to live by outdated parental advice such as old wives tales or those methods our parents used on us!

Diet and nutrition plays an important part of the development of a child. A lot of parental advice focuses on ensuring that children have the best start in life in terms of the food they eat. Spending time cooking with your child is an excellent way to bond, and will help them to understand the importance of fresh food. Also the effect of food on their behaviour and development should not be underestimated. A constant diet of burgers, crisps, fizzy drinks and other unhealthy food is likely to lead to behavioural and health problems. Whilst some parents may complain about the cost of fresh food and the time it takes to prepare, getting healthy family recipes and parental advice from a recognised source can make mealtimes much more fun and nutritional.

The behaviour and discipline of children is often in the news for all the wrong reasons. Some parents will tolerate bad behaviour for an easy life, whilst others see nothing wrong with the way their child acts. Parental advice can help you to learn how to encourage good behaviour and techniques for dealing with bad behaviour at school and at home, in order to improve your child’s behaviour.

Parental advice is often required for school age children. From choosing the right school to ensuring that your child concentrates in lessons, there are many queries that can be resolved with the right parental advice. Bullying at school is a very important subject for parents. Learning how to recognise it and how to respond to it is a common theme of parental advice.

Technology is playing a bigger role in our lives than ever before. Computers, games consoles, the internet and mobile phones are fundamental to the lives of our children. It is important that you know what your child is doing whilst on the computer, or talking to friends online. Younger children should be monitored more closely for their own safety. Parental advice can be obtained to provide alternatives to computers or technology, so that your child isn’t spending all their free time on a computer or playing a video game. Children may not always agree with the parental advice they’ve been given, but laying down rules and explaining what’s expected is likely to be better for your child and you in the long run.

Asking for parental advice is not admitting failure, or accepting that you are a “bad” parent. Also, by asking for advice from parents in similar situations you can often learn how to diffuse potentially volatile situations, as well as what to do in other circumstances.

Whether you need to learn more about how to find out how your child is progressing at school, or whether their behaviour or diet is typical for their age, getting parental advice is easy and can put your mind at ease. If you’ve got a hint or tip that works, why not share your parental advice with others?

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