Our money columnist Amanda Blinkhorn looks at how you can give a little and gain a lot…


Supporting charities is central to what we do at Candis – and in the 53 years since Candis was founded we have given over £54M to health charities. Here’s a few ideas to support your favourite charities that raise spirits, as well as cash.

1. Donate your skills for three hours a week to help families going through cancer by becoming a Marie Curie helper.

2. Look for companies that will make charitable donations on your behalf – open a current account at the Co-operative Bank and it will reward you with £100 and donate £25 to a charity of your choice as a thank you for switching.

3. Sell your stuff on eBay on behalf of your favourite charity – or use your search engine to buy from people selling for charity. Find out more here.

4. If you find phone requests for charities upsetting, use call ID to filter the call or simply don’t answer if you don’t recognise the number. Instead donate to your favourites online at

5. Sign up to JustGiving and raise money yourself, whether it’s a fun run, a sponsored tea party or organising a jumble sale. Recruit friends to support you on Facebook, and you’ll have fun while you earn.

Amanda Blinkhorn is a freelance journalist who has been writing about money, family life and everything in between since she was 19.

She blogs here almost every day and writes the Money Matters finance column in Candis magazine as well as for The Sunday Times and other newspapers and magazines. She lives in London with her four children aged between 8 and 19. She has almost finished training to be an adult literacy teacher and will qualify this summer, if she ever finishes those pesky essays.

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